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Event Recap: Retired Faculty Association’s Lifetime Members Luncheon

Last updated 02/03/2023

On November 17th, 2022, lifetime members of the Retired Faculty Association gathered at the University Club for a special “thank you” event to express gratitude for their continued support of the RFA. Not only was there a wonderful lunch, but USC President Carol Folt stopped by to speak to RFA members in attendance. If you were unable to make the luncheon, a special holiday message from President Folt is available here. RFA President Jerry Walker was elated with the turn out and to see so many friendly and familiar faces before the holiday season. Pictures from the event as well as a note from President Walker are available below :

Recently, the Retired Faculty Association’s Board had been looking for an opportunity to thank the RFA’s most generous donors for their kindness and generosity. Their exceptional recent gifts and their “above and beyond” support in prior years have enabled the Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program and the RFA’s faculty programs to grow and to flourish. In recognition of their exceptional generosity, the RFA Board honored these donors with a Lifetime Membership in the Retired Faculty Association. To show our appreciation, they were invited to a special RFA Lifetime Members’ Luncheon
with USC President Carol Folt on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Two very generous anonymous donors proposed and paid for the luncheon so that members of the RFA Board and I would have an opportunity to give these most generous RFA supporters the recognition that they deserve and to allow the members of the RFA Board to say “Thank You” personally. Carol Folt was very relaxed and charming in her conversations with the guests. She spoke about how important the faculty are to the University and to the students; and she noted the exceptional generosity of the retired faculty who
have given more than $100 million to the institution that they love and they helped to build. I had the pleasure of introducing the RFA Lifetime Members who were able to attend. Victor Marshand Webb spoke about the outstanding neighborhood students who have received assistance from the Caldwell Scholarships. Tu-Nan Chang and Richard MacKenzie spoke about the enormous benefits to USC
students that result from the Emeriti Center’s Trojan Table dinners. William Thalmann spoke about the fascinating insights audiences have obtained from the first year of the RFA Intellectual Journey speaker series. Their presentations were outstanding, and I thank them most heartily. The inaugural luncheon for RFA Lifetime Members was a complete success, and I am especially pleased that the anonymous donors who made it possible were present to experience it first-hand.

Special Thanks to Generous RFA Life Member Donors:

Professor Tu-Nan Chang

Ms. Dolores Conway

Dr. Robert T. Filep

Professor Henry J. Forman

Professor Guilbert (Gib) Hentschke

Professor Kaaren Hoffman

Professor Karen Estelle Koblitz

Professor The-Lung Ku & Dr. Theresa Shen Ku

Professor Edward E. Lawler

Dr. Jack C. Lewis

Jorge H. Mestman MD

Professor Peter W. Nichols

Dr. Samuel W. Oglesby

Arnold C.G. Platzker, MD

Professor Dennis William Rook

Professor Paul S. Rosenbloom

Dr. Kenneth L. Servis

Robert H. Settlage, MD

Professor Wendy Smith

Professor Carole Shammas

Professor Wendy Smith

Professor Barbara J. Solomon

Dr. Peter Alan Stone & Mrs. Barbara Stone

Dr. Yaga Szlachcic

Professor Michael S. Waterman

Professor Victor Marshand Webb

Dr. Mimi C. Yu

– RFA President Jerry Walker