Medicare Part D Consultations – Thank You USC School of Pharmacy

In partnership with the USC Emeriti Center the USC School of Pharmacy hosted 62 individual appointments with PharmD students to assist retirees with choosing a Medicare Part D Plan. By switching plans, there was a total savings of $47,835!

Thank you goes to Professor Brad Williams and his expert faculty and PharmD students.

“We saw a total of 62 retirees; 34 changed plans, and we helped three with their initial enrollment.  By switching plans, there was a total savings of $47,835; the average savings was $1,406.  The largest savings for a single retiree was $12,000.

It was another very successful year! As usual, it was a great learning experience for our students, all of whom enjoyed the opportunity to work with some of our retirees.

The FREE personalized, one-on-one sessions took place at

USC School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Science Center
1985 Zonal Avenue, L.A. 90089
Room 302B

Medicare Part D is the drug benefit for Medicare eligible recipients. In this appointment, USC pharmacy faculty, residents and students were on hand to personally walk people through the online Medicare Part D Plan Finder tool. They answered questions about Medicare or even about personal medications. Enrollment period started October 15, 2017 and ends on December 7, 2017.

Each appointment was an hour long.