Janet E. Eddy

Despite earning a well-deserved break, Janet Eddy has managed to stay busy in retirement.  As a true Trojan for life, Janet enjoys giving back to the USC community in various ways.  She is currently an active member of Phi Kappa Phi in which she serves as Secretary and Fellowship Chair.  She is a volunteer at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, treasurer of the Norris Auxiliary, a board member of Trojan Guild, a member of Trojan League of Los Angeles, a board member of Half Century Trojans, and on the scholarship committee of Town and Gown.  Outside of USC, Janet is an active member of La Cañada Presbyterian Church, where she has been a deacon and an elder, and sings in the choir.  Janet’s husband of more than 50 years is Jim Eddy (also a Half Century Trojan). They have four children (all with spouses) and ten wonderful grandchildren.

Dr. Janet Eddy, Director of Disability Services and Programs, was actually born into the Trojan family; her father, Park Ewart, joined the faculty of the College of Commerce the year before her birth.  Janet started her education at USC as an undergraduate in 1949.  After leaving the campus for a few years to start a family, she came back to work in 1976 at the National Charity League-University of Southern California School while pursuing her master’s degree in the School of Education.  In 1984, after the NCL-USC School closed, Janet joined the Division of Student Affairs on University Park Campus as a learning specialist for USC students.  Her specialty was in learning disabilities.  After receiving a Ph.D. in 1991, she became Director of Disability Services and Programs, a position which she ultimately retired from in 2001.

“Find the time to take care of yourself and maintain your health.  Maintain multiple interests; don’t just sit around and watch TV.  Give of yourself to others to make a difference.”  Janet Eddy, 2007


Audio Interview With Janet Eddy

Janet Eddy, life-long member of the Trojan Family, talks with RFA Board member Bob Stallings about the volunteer work that she has been doing since retiring from USC in 2001 as Director of Disability Services and Programs.  Janet received her Ph.D. from USC in 1991.  In March 2007, she was honored as “Retiree of the Quarter” by the USC Emeriti Center.  In addition to her volunteering, Janet enjoys spending quality time with her husband of 53 years, Jim, and their four married children and 10 grandchildren.

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