USC Student Veterans Support Network

The USC Emeriti Center in partnership with Student Affairs’ Veterans Resource Center has created a simple registration for USC retired and active faculty, staff and alumni veterans to offer friendship and support for our USC student veterans.

The USC Student Veterans Support Network  provides a place for current and retired faculty, staff, and alumni Vets to register their interest in connecting with USC student Vets. Fellow Trojan veterans supporting student veterans is just another way for our Trojans to support those who have been through similar circumstances.

Student veterans face many challenges as they transition from military life to the college setting. Student vets do not fit the traditional mold of first year students. They tend to be older, have families to support, spend more time working at a job, and view the world differently. There is also a widespread lack of knowledge about the unique needs of veterans (Hermann, Raybeck, & Wilson, 2008). Student veterans report feeling isolated, a sense of not belonging and alienation from younger classmates (Jacobs, 2012) and many student veterans return from military service trying to manage anxiety, depression, and other forms of combat trauma. Returning combat veterans face significant PTSD rates which can interfere with their abilities to focus, retain information and manage their anxiety in the classroom (Wert, 2012). The abnormally high dropout rates of student veterans plague universities across the nation, as 88% will likely drop out by the summer following their first year, experiencing isolation and frustration (Wood, 2012). (Regional Highlight: SAPPA Region II – Veteran’s LLCs: Supporting the Transition from Military to College Life, By John Yuan and Amy Lorenz;  Synergy Newsletter for NASPA SAPAA Knowledge Community Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs Jan. 2014)

Sign up for the USC Student Veterans Support Network

Click the link above to go to a simple registration system to post your interest in being contacted by a USC student veteran.

Please join us as we support our USC students who have served our country.