Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends


Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends (TGIF) is a casual mentoring initiative linking retired and current faculty and staff with USC international students for friendship, support and sharing cultures.

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TGIF Mission


The Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends (TGIF) program is a collaborative partnership between the USC retiree community and the International Student Assembly. Our goal is to provide intergenerational friendship and support to enhance the cross-cultural experience of USC international students. Our retired faculty and staff have gathered years of experience in their time at USC and are familiar with the multifaceted aspects, issues, and challenges facing our international students.

The retired faculty and staff seek to cross generational boundaries and build deep friendships among the international Trojan family. Many of our members have lived abroad and attended university in a multitude of countries including China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Europe and can personally attest to how valuable and culturally enriching it is to have a “native” friend who can provide a deeper understanding of the local life and culture.

TGIF also aims to provide academic and professional support to our international students. Knowledgeable retired faculty and staff hope to assist international students who are in the process of searching for part-time jobs, internships, and volunteer experience or writing applications, resumes, and personal statements. TGIF encourages international students to explore our webpage, find common interests with our mentors, and begin the process of making lifelong friends.