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Allan G. Redeker, M.D.

Last updated 10/04/2021

Allan G. Redeker, M.D. is a physician-scientist and educator with a distinguished career in liver disease as a faculty member from the University of Southern California from 1959-1989 and Emeritus Professor of Medicine in Hepatology. Since retiring from full-time status in 1989, Dr. Redeker has remained active in university life.

A graduate of Northwestern University School of Medicine in 1952, Dr. Redeker established himself as a key member of the Department of Medicine by the early 1960s with a specialty in Hepatology. With the late Dr. Telfer Reynolds, Dr. Redeker created the Hepatology Service at the LAC+USC Medical Center and Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center which developed into a world renowned academic unit. Over the years, the outstanding educational environment of this unit has attracted both established hepatologists and fellows aspiring to the specialty. He is also internationally recognized for his contributions to the fields of porphyria, viral hepatitis, and portal hypertension.

As an Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Dr. Redeker demonstrates a continuing intellectual curiosity and interest in learning and gives selflessly of his time and energy. Although he is in his 80’s, Dr. Redeker, is Senior Attending Physician at two clinics held at LAC+USC Medical Center and continues to function as a leader in all programs of the unit. Dr. Redeker also served as Chief of Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Liver Unit until it closed in 2003, and has continued to be a superb teacher and provide service as the voluntary director of the liver clinics at the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center and the County-wide Hepatitis Clinic at County Hospital. His regular, voluntary, twice-weekly attendance in clinics indicates a continuing dedication to teaching and mentoring medical students, residents, and fellows. Likewise, patients seeking care for viral hepatitis in the Outpatient Clinic Building or for advanced liver diseases at the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center in East Los Angeles benefit from his always interested and meaningful involvements. Dr. Redeker is also highly sought out by faculty for advice on difficult diagnostic or therapeutic situations.

To those who know him, Allan Redeker is a cherished colleague, mentor and friend. To all, he is a gift. The University of Southern California is a richer, deeper and better institution of higher education and learning because of individuals like Allan Redeker. He is truly a national treasure and well deserving of an award that recognizes his voluntary service to the university and to the lives of the patients and faculty that he continues to touch and influence.