USC Emeriti Center joins USC Day of SCupport

The USC Emeriti Center is joining 18 USC Schools in USC’s Annual Day of SCupport on May 4th.  This gives you the opportunity to help sustain programs that are meaningful to you.

We encourage you to support our programs and groups (Emeriti Center, Retired Faculty Association, Staff Retirement Association, and the Caldwell Scholarship program), or to support any other USC programs that are important to you.

We are proud of our Caldwell Scholars. One of our graduating seniors, Sylvia Gomez will be joining PricewaterhouseCoopers soon! She, like many of the Caldwell Scholars, gives back to her community. To learn more about our Russell Caldwell Scholars, please go to:  To see the Caldwell video and our fundraising site for the students, go to:

Make a gift now through the university’s secure, online giving site: and click the box: “Please direct my gift to a specific school or program”The Emeriti Center can be found by typing “Emeriti” directly at the bottom of the page. Alternately, you can contribute to the retiree associations and to our Russell Caldwell Scholars.

Text the word “Emeriti” to 41444 on your cell phone to make a pledge. You will receive a text that gives you a link to DONATE. For additional information contact the USC Emeriti Center at

For more information, please call the USC Emeriti Center: 213-740-7121.