Wellness Programs

2016 Wellness Series


Friday, March 18

Physical Therapy Workshop


Friday, August 19

Physical Therapy Workshop

2014 Wellness Series


Monday-Thursday: November 3, 4, 5 & 6
Medicare Part D Personalized Enrollment Sessions

Friday, October 31
2015 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Updates (Video Recording)
2015 Medicare Part D Updates (Powerpoint)

Wednesday, October 8 (PENDING)
Fit for Life Physical Fitness Workshop- Part 2 (NO Video Recording)
Fit for Life Workshop- Part 2 Handout

Friday, September 26
The Next Chapter: Well-being, Fulfillment and Joy (Video Recording)
The Next Chapter: Handout Material

Wednesday, June 25
Fit for Life Physical Fitness Workshop (Video Recording)

Tuesday, May 20
Joy of Law: Avoiding Legal Problems in Life and Beyond (Video Recording)
Joy of Law Powerpoint (Part A)
Joy of Law Powerpoint(Part B)
Homework Assignment 2014
Assets Summary
Data Collector
California Statutory Will
Advanced Health Care Directive Form

Friday, February 7
Fit for Life Symposium
Fit for Life Part 1  (9:30-12:15) Session (video recording)

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Fit for Life Part 2  (1:00-2:00) Session (video recording)

2013 Wellness Series

Friday, April 27

Hearing Health Symposium

Video Recordings:
Session I: Exploring Your Hearing Health
Session II: Latest Research, Communication and Effective Self-Advocacy 
Session III: What’s New – Assistive Devices (ALDs), Technologies, Resources

2012 Wellness Series

Avoiding Identity Theft and Scams (Video)
August 2, 2012
Resource Materials:
United States Postal Services booklet- Identity Theft: Safeguard Your Personal Information
United States Postal Inspection Service- Publications

Brain Wellness Colloquium (Video)
March 23, 2012