USC Emeriti Center

USC retirees receive the Emeriti Center’s Retiree Community Newsletter published three times a year. USC retirees may also contact the Emeriti Center to be placed on the mailing list for the USC Chronicle (also available to eligible spouses/partners).

USC retirees and all members of the Trojan Family also may receive periodic email messages about events, opportunities, and news.


An unpublished monograph chapter was written for ACE recently. To view the USC Chapter on Developing a Legacy – University of Southern California, click:

ACE Sloan Chapter 7 University of Southern California


USC retiree leaders supported by the USC Emeriti Center created the following publications to support the Trojan Family:

My Confidential Doc CoverMy Confidential Documents- Writeable PDF




After the Death of a Loved One CoverAfter the Death of a Loved One




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