USC Lauded for Innovative Faculty Retirement Practices

The award from the ACE and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which comes with a $100,000 grant, recognized USC for its cutting-edge approach to supporting faculty with their transition into retirement. Read USC News story.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our USC retired and non-retired faculty for their participation in the American Council on Education (ACE) and Alfred P. Sloan Faculty Retirement Transitions Survey sent by the Emeriti Center and the Provost’s Office last March. Due to the favorable faculty survey participation, USC’s retirement policies, and our Emeriti Center programs, USC won an Alfred P. Sloan Award for Faculty Retirement Transitions and a $100,000 grant. Marty Levine’s guidance led us to apply for the award and his support was a key component for our success. Thanks also go to Bob Coffey, David Haugland, Phoebe Liebig, Gloria Reyes, Bob Stallings, and Jerry Walker and for their special help.

The award grant will be used to develop innovative transitions to retirement and legacy programs for USC retirees. Since 1978 the USC Emeriti Center has been supporting both retired faculty and staff with their transitions to retirement along with many other services, programs, and resources. We will be sure to use the funds wisely to develop programing and research to enhance retirement transitions and beyond.

“ACE particularly acknowledged the Emeriti Center and its Living History Project, which works to record faculty legacies; its Trojan ENCORE program, which promotes part-time work and on-campus volunteer service, leveraging retirees’ unique skills and experience; and the USC Emeriti Center College, which sponsors a speaker’s bureau, offers small research grants to retired faculty and provides enrichment courses, including a guided autobiography class.” USC News Service, June 19, 2012

The names of the institutions honored, along with summaries of their award-winning activities can be found on the ACE website. USC will be expected to draft a chapter about campus practices to be included in an upcoming ACE monograph and will also have the opportunity to disseminate best practices at conferences and in other venues.

The most interesting part of the trip to Washington DC for the ACE Sloan awards, was meeting college presidents, deans, chairs, and provosts of the winning institutions along with ACE Board members. Marty and Martha Levine and Janette were particularly happy to visit with ACE President and Northeastern University President, former USC Dornsife Dean, Joseph Aoun and his wife Zeina.

Please continue to assist us with this grant award. We need to hear from you. If you would like to provide recommendations that can improve the USC retirement transition process or offer suggestions about how the Emeriti Center might be helpful during retirement, please email your ideas to Janette at

For more details

Recognizing and Rewarding Best Practices for Senior Faculty: 15 Institutions Honored with $100,000 Grants, American Council on Education (ACE)

15 Colleges Receive Grants for Innovation in Helping Faculty Retire, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 18, 2012

USC Lauded for Innovative Faculty Retirement Practice, USC News, June 19, 2012

ACE’s award program summary for USC

The University of Southern California (USC) strives to provide its faculty with services and resources that ensure a successful transition to retirement. The USC Emeriti Center, established in 1978, is home to a Living History Project intended to record faculty legacies. It also houses the Trojan ENCORE program, which promotes part-time work and on-campus volunteer service among campus retirees to leverage their unique skills and experiences, maintain their connections with the university, and fulfill specific needs of academic departments. In addition, the USC Emeriti Center College, which sponsors a speaker’s bureau, offers small research grants so retired faculty may continue or finish ongoing projects. It also provides enrichment courses, including a guided autobiography class, a multigenerational venue for faculty to activate memories, review their lives, and write personal histories as a legacy for themselves and their families.

Martha & Marty Levine-Joseph and Zeina Aoun-Janette Brown at ACE Sloan Awards Dinner

Marty Levine, Claire Van Ummersen, Janette Brown at ACE Sloan Awards dinner in Washington DC.                                     Lisa Helfert Photography