Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends

Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends (TGIF)

is a casual mentoring initiative linking retired faculty and staff with USC international students.

In cooperation with the International Students’ Assembly (ISA), the first intergenerational program was held on Feb. 13, 2013 with an evening reception sponsored by the USC Emeriti Center for interested students and retired staff and faculty.


Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends (TGIF) Lunch Reception

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In-N-Out Burger and beverages were provided. (Vegetarian too)

This event was part of Global Culture Month sponsored by the ISA involving about 20 USC student nationality clubs that produce joint cultural programs during February. The annual campus-wide International Food Fair also takes place every February.




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25-Sharon & David Toole, students at TGIF






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Trojan Global Intergenerational Friends (TGIF) and was organized by a steering committee of retired faculty and staff leaders: Jack Wills, Cynthia Berne, Phoebe Liebig, David Tool, Dixon Johnson, and Emeriti Center’s executive director, Janette Brown.  This activity helps to support our international students as they navigate USC and American culture.

USC continues to be the top American university enrolling the most international students and TGIF supports the USC Strategic Vision concept of “Connecting the Individual to the World.”

It is hoped that this casual mentoring activity will connect interested retirees and USC faculty and staff with international students for activities such as tutoring, English conversation, American cultural information-sharing, serving as companions for outings to nearby southern California attractions, and home hospitality visits.

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